Travelling in Alberta

Weather Info and Packing Tips

There are some places where the question, “What should I pack to wear?” takes less thought than others. Hawaii, for instance. For a holiday in Oahu, it’s pretty simple: bring your swimsuit and flip flops. See you on the beach.

Alberta, on the other hand, requires a bit more attention to detail. The weather in this province is possibly its most finicky (or shall we say, charming) characteristic. Lush gusts of warm air called chinooks spontaneously bust through winter chills. Floods have been known to disrupt urban main streets in the summertime.

And those winter lows get down real low; -30 degrees Celsius and lower. The air outside snaps with a bone-dry crispness, and there is no mercy for the unprepared. Even if you are just stepping outside to pick up the paper at the end of your driveway, you better pull on the parka.

Wacky weather is part of the package when you’re travelling in Alberta. Here are our tips for preparing to make the most of it.

1. Bring sunscreen.
Alberta receives more sunshine than any other province in Canada – we’re talking an average of 312 days a year! So whether you’re hitting the town or the slopes, don’t forget to slap on some SPF.

2. Stay hydrated.
Travelling in Alberta is thirsty work, especially because of its dry climate. And while it might be obvious to pack water for a summer trek through the desert Badlands, don’t underestimate the energizing properties of cool hydration at the top of Mt. Norquay.

3. Layer up.
In the fall and spring months, the weather can vary from icy cool in the morning to roasting warm mid-afternoon. Don’t sweat it – wear layers of clothing made of thermal fabrics so you can pile them on and peel them off throughout the day.

4. Don’t stress.
The dry climate makes it easy to warm up when you come in from the cold during those frigid winter months. You’re much less likely to catch a chill because the air doesn’t hang on your bones like it does in regions with higher humidity.

5. Toques!
This traditional Canadian piece of knitwear will save your skull whether you’re knee-deep in fresh powder or walking the streets of Edmonton in -20 degrees. The toque will keep you warm and looking like a local, while you’re at it.

Travelling in Alberta to Revelstoke, BC?
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And while the weather in Revelstoke, BC is less wacky than Alberta, you can expect variations in climate as you travel from valley to valley. Wear clothing in layers, because no matter how cold or warm, you’re going to want to get outside!

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