The Cube, What It Is and Isn’t.

Some  guests’ comments use epithets such as “Spartan “, “basic”, ” budget hotel”, and we really don’t mind!  It is true we consciously made choices regarding the level of comfort we aim to achieve. A few of our guests do not appreciate  that  private showers are situated in the hallway, or that we suggest to clean  dishes after use. Sometimes, our front desk is unattended and a guest has to push a button and wait a minute or so to get help.

Our rooms are smaller, but they have comfortable beds, a  clean washroom, a wall TV and the same heat and cooling pump found at a Best Western.  We offer a big, tall  room where the guests can hang out, a dry room where you can store and dry your equipment, and a full kitchen, which is why we can offer complementary breakfast, and a nice one at that. We also have a lot of original art around, and  we hope that it helps give the place a nice vibe.

We would never dare to presume that we have a “better” or “smarter” approach to lodging. We honestly put our product out there, and trust the traveler to make the appropriate choice.




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