New York Times!

Hey everyone! The last year has been a complete roller coaster here at The Cube. As you all know, we opened our doors at the very beginning of 2014 and it was a very busy time for us. We were incredibly busy trying to get the business set up as well as contend with opening our doors for the first time! We had a guest during this period, we didn’t think much of it beyond being happy we had guests! He so happened to be a freelance writer which we found interesting but promptly forgot about because we had other things to deal with, all of which come with opening a new business.

A few months ago we received a phone call, one which completely blew my mind. This freelance writer who had stayed with us almost exactly a year ago was calling me. It was a phone call to clarify some details about The Cube as well as learn a bit more about the lovely town of Revelstoke. This phone call, coupled with this man’s stay a year ago has culminated in one of our biggest accomplishments to date. We received a review in The New York Times! For a newly opened business to receive something like that is completely shocking. we are so pleased, not to mention the town of Revelstoke. I, personally, believe that The Cube’s distinctive style helped attract this reviewer to us and is also responsible for our notability. As he says in the article,

The Cube seems to be a concept more at home in Europe than in North America, and might take some time to catch on”- Christopher Solomon 

The Cube is definitely a different concept and one we hope to see become popular across North America.

We hope you all enjoyed the review, we certainly did! It’s funny how a seemingly small event over a year ago has lead to such an amazing thing for us here at The Cube.

Until Next Time!

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