Art and Lodging in Revelstoke

People sometimes  ask why there is just a few works of mine at the cube and my standard answer is : ” The cube itself is a piece of art”. A little pretentious, maybe, but I did want to integrate a strong creative component to this venture, because I feel creativity is a lot more encompassing than just Paintings or sculptures. The outside of the building sets the tone, with the asymmetrical grid of panels inspired by the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. That innovative spirit is also reflected in the uneven pattern of the vinyl floor, or the fake heating duct that houses the front desk lighting.

it is nice when a hotel décor induces a comfortable mood, and that is why we chose to have original art all trough the public spaces. You can also find original works by Canadian painter Steve Mennie in all our private rooms. Steve has been painting so called “realist” paintings  for a long time, and those skills permeate the abstract pieces we chose to hang on our bedrooms walls.

The sculpture that greets the guest upfront is one of my own, and it wants you to know the cube is not your run of the mill hotel, but lodging with a slightly mischievous slant, just to add a little fun!

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