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For many years I have stayed in hostels and hotels all over the globe, I kept thinking there would be a niche for an accommodation that had the conviviality of hostels but offered more amenities -like a room with a TV -because, sometimes, it feels nice to just lay on the bed and watch a movie in the privacy of your own room.

I also like all the different people you meet in a hostel, and I feel the casual atmosphere helps to be relaxed and enjoy an occasional conversation with another guest, something that gets lost in the more formal décor of many hotels.

I kept exploring the idea, pitching it to friends to get their feed back. I also kept looking for a combination of factors that would catapult my dream into concrete options. I had to find the right place, a town with a certain appeal, an architectural preoccupation and history, a good mix of population, but not an overly established destination, such as Whistler or Banff,  because the land and construction would be too expensive. 

I also wanted to make a statement, that art sells, that people like to be around art, that art is not intimidating, but exhilarating, that it exist to enhance our daily reality, adds to it.  

One day, coming back from a day of ski touring in Rogers Pass, I turned left at the top of the hill going into the town of Revelstoke because I just decided on impulse to check out the downtown core. Revelstoke, a town I always enjoyed stopping in as I was passing trough, but this time was different, I had a feeling that the simple action of turning on the blinker was also going to trigger a change in my personal life, as it sometimes happen, a small gesture turns into a life altering experience.

 An incredible array of factors came into play at the exact time allowing this unique business to come to life. As I entered Revelstoke and saw the downtown, I knew I had my place. A visit with the Economic Development Association made me aware that my plan was a viable one as I outlined my idea and they told me what was possible. Another visit, this time with a City Planner made me aware of the perfect building, one that this man recommended. Driving by, I was hesitant, seeing the building itself, currently a machine shop, had me hesitating. However I contacted the owner and found out the building was on the market. A quick tour, and one look at the ceiling and seeing the beams and the notable ceiling (twenty feet high!) that now reside in our Great Room had me convinced and eight months later I bought the building. As you can see an incredible amount of factors came together to allow The Cube to come to be, parking issues arose and were dealt with, financing came through in the nick of time and even engineers who were brought in seemed to share my vision! All in all it was an exhilarating and terrifying time.

 It is seldom that something comes to life like this and I can with all certainty say that I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us next!

Until next time!

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